Workplace Music: Distraction or Morale Booster?

There are mixed feelings about listening to music during official hours. Some find it relaxing to listen to music whilst working because it helps to ease the pressure of work. A few companies even install small speakers in the ceilings and fill the air with subtle, soft melodious sounds. This can be entertaining for both staff and clients as well as enhance a peaceful atmosphere.

Coping with stress and improving moods are some reasons why many team members indulge in music during official hours however, findings prove that you can get the same results from eating chocolate or doing something you like. Therefore, the perception that music aids productivity is not unanimous. For others, it’s a huge distraction especially music with familiar lyrics.

Workplace tension can have adverse effects on decision-making, quality of work done and level of productivity. Hence, music becomes necessary for most people to maintain a good mood during working hours. However, when taking up new tasks, difficult tasks or absorbing new information, it is not advisable to listen to music as it could affect the level of concentration you require to tackle such tasks. Yet this assertion is not unanimous either.

It is important to find what works best for you. Is it loud music in the background while you work or absolute silence? Some creative enterprises such as advertising, photography, public relations, journalism include music as a crucial part of office set up in order to keep the office mood high.

It is important to know when you can cope with music and when it is distracting; especially when you work in an open office with colleagues who have different preferences and opinions. There are several kinds of music that help you depending on the task at hand – lyrical, up-beat, instrumental, and so on. Each comes in handy at different times such as when performing simple and repetitive tasks, difficult or complex tasks, immersive tasks (requiring high level of concentration) or creative tasks.

On the flipside, there is the Golden Silence tune that is nature’s free gift and likely your best bet if you want to achieve all or most of your daily tasks with no distractions.

It all depends on your choice this New Year.

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Image Source: Visionary