#ThinkDigital: Build Content or Die

Most entrepreneurs mistake content marketing for blogging. To succeed in content marketing, you must master two extremes – creativity and structure. You can channel the growth of your company through content. However, developing a content strategy is no easy task. Many businesses struggle a lot in this area not because their content is not good enough but that the execution of content must be done with certain basics in focus. Here are two methods you can apply to drive your company’s growth through content.

The first is the Direct Response Content Strategy. This method is audience-generated content and can be achieved by converting your audience, also considered influencers who have strong networks into content advisors and providers through constant engagement. This engagement births content ideas initiated by the audiences themselves – this content is usually click-oriented and call-to-action based. When the content is successfully developed, they start distributing and publishing ‘their’ content on their various platforms on behalf of the company. This expands the reach of your company’s audience or viewers and leads to other profitable transactions, offers and opportunities. The clients and audience in this case can be individuals or other existing brands.

The second method which is the Brand Content strategy is company-generated content and the sole responsibility of the company. It involves all efforts your company undertakes to create and sustain awareness  in the minds of both existing and new clients. A good example of this is when you post your blog articles on popular social media channels. This further increases the reach of the company to new visitors and more opportunities are created.

It is important to apply both side by side to ensure overall company growth through content marketing. This is how essential proper content planning and execution is to the growth of a company. Some say that content is content but as an entrepreneur you must realize that content is a measure of growth. Content must be mission-driven so that you do not disperse content for content-sake and waste time, energy and resources. Ensure that your content focuses on the core services and areas that your company specializes in; be clear on that and try not to beat about the bush.

Taking the right decisions can be tough but the choices you make when it comes to the quality of content and strategy of execution go a long way to determine your company’s long-term growth.

Always, keep this in mind, content is growth and growth is a process. It is important to grow content slowly but steadily because once growth stops, death begins.

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