Bill Gates’ Thoughts On Africa’s Future

The African continent is home to thousands of different ethnicities and tribes, and has since inception seen enormous tensions, diversity and the dominance of one tribe over another. The raging poverty that has besieged the continent will need the efforts of philanthropists, leaders and the world to bridge the economic gap, provide an enabling environment for innovation and most importantly limit the suffering in the continent.  Heroes like Nelson Mandela who have fought against human discrimination, campaigned for peaceful living amongst the populace and the need to break the deafening silence against vices as a pivotal way for Africa to achieve the needed prosperity.

Citizens need to hold their governments accountable for transparent governance, transitioning from the authoritarian rule to democracy, where the people can demand for good governance and have the choice to vote whosoever they deem fit to serve them. Nelson Mandela was quoted to have said, “Young people are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression and raising the banners of freedom.”

Africa can achieve the future it aspires to if the people across economic and social strata, and across national borders, work to lay a foundation so that her young people have the opportunities they deserve. The successes and failures of the past 15 years have generated lessons that we can build upon. It’s clear to everyone how big and complicated the challenges are. People with bravery, energy, intellect, passion, and stamina can face big, complicated challenges and overcome them.

All Africans must do everything within their power to build the future that the continent needs and grow her potential to become reality. [Read More]

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