Getting up from being Laid-off

Life itself is unpredictable. Lately, pay slashes and sack letters are flying around too often and have become the trend of this pending recession; it is no longer news that countless individuals get laid off daily to preserve many companies’ existence. Although it is good to be optimistic but let’s face reality, it can happen to anyone. So, take a proactive step by predetermining your disposition towards it, should it occur. What if you do get laid-off, what next?

First of all, bear in mind that it’s not personal so regardless of who the messenger sent to convey the news is, do not transfer any aggression. The decision was made based on a hard effort to keep the company in operation. So it isn’t in any way your fault, don’t even start the blame game.

Prepare yourself ahead financially. Many employees make a difficult task of saving; it seems like the toughest thing to do in the face of the ever increasing bills and high cost of living but it’s one of the surest bail outs. Having a good saving’s culture would save you the heartache that results from jumping into the next available job and ending up as a misfit or regretting why you took the job in the first place. Knowing that you have enough savings to keep you till your next interview scales through, keeps your mind in good perspective and judgement.

Do not ever be tempted to take your frustrations out on social media. It could cause a lasting damage rather than a temporarily relief to yourself. You would end up burning the bridge between you and your previous employer as well as ruin your chances with potential recruiters. You could be misjudged or earn yourself a bad reputation, all in a bid to be expressive or retaliate.

Now, this is the best time to magnify your achievements. Brag about your previous feats; being laid-off can’t take away the fact that you were the brain behind those successes within your company. So feel good and tell yourself you learned all that you did for a purpose and that purpose is your next big opportunity. Leverage on them during your next big interview. You don’t have to mention that you got laid-off; that is not as important as the fact that you can deliver and you’re the right person for the job based on your track record of experience and achievements.

Getting laid-off is not the end of the world. There are better opportunities out there. Just keep moving forward; your best is around the corner.

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Image Source: BCG Search