Attend Bellafricana African Creative Exhibition and Awards 2017

Event Description

Bellafricana African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed Bellafricana ACE Awards) is an initiative to laud the creative works of Nigerians, which makes open competition affordable and accessible. The aim is to encourage more businesses to look inwards and create more globally acceptable brands. The conference will feature keynote speakers who will discuss the following topics in detail:

  • Marketing Your Creative Business Globally
  • How to Monetize your Creative Idea
  • How to create a Brand that speaks for itself
  • Taking Your Non-Oil Product Global (Export)
  • Access to funding to start and grow your creative business
  • Sustainability and Succession Planning for Creative Businesses
  • How to Receive Payment Globally


The conference and the ACE Awards will be taking place on the 17th of April, 2017 (Easter Monday).



The conference  and exhibition:  10am – 4pm

Awards Dinner: 5pm – 9pm



The conference and the awards is scheduled to hold at D-Venue, Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Oniru, Lagos , Nigeria



To attend Bellafricana African Creative Exhibition, you can register here and purchase a ticket, which comes with a price tag of N5,000 (for early birds only) and N10,000.

To attend the ACE Awards, you can either purchase an individual ticket here for N20,000 or a standard ticket here with 10 seats, for N250,000.

Image Source: Bellafricana