Valentine’s Day is Best Spent On A Budget

Whether we accept it or not, Valentine’s Day incurs some unexpected expenses which is why it is absolutely important to create a budget. It’s so easy to get carried away with the frenzy of the moment without thinking twice about certain financial decisions, especially the ones that pertain to gifts and entertainment.

How then do we draw the line? How do we ensure that we have a great time without drilling our pockets or going broke for the rest of the month? Here are five tips for planning a memorable Valentine’s Day on a budget:

●   Create a budget

Many of us do not have the luxury of dispensable cash. If you also don’t have so much money to throw around, it’s only right to create a budget for Valentine’s Day to keep you in check. So, set aside a percentage you can comfortably part with and make a list of things that budget can afford.

●   Look out for deals, coupons, and discounts

Valentine’s Day is also another period brands and businesses are benevolent enough to offer deals and discounts for their products and services. This is a time to look out for them. In fact, you do not have to look far because they are literally everywhere right now. Save some money by snagging a few of them. By the way, deals and discounts don’t make you a cheapskate, they just mean you are financially prudent.

●   Stay indoors

There’s nothing more that screams Valentine’s Day than a candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant. You might be tempted to go that route once again. But how about you stay indoors this year? Remember, you are on a strict budget and eating out would incur a large chunk of your budget. So, stay home, order in or cook something for that special someone. You’ll save so much money and cozy up easily too. Now that sounds like two for the price of one!

●   Get creative

There’s the pressure to outdo the next person especially in this age of social media. There’s the pressure to give Instagram-worthy gifts and selfies that scream ‘goals’! However, did you know that it’s the simple and creative gifts that go viral? Not that going viral should be your aim but being creative with your gifts is another way to save money.

●   Create memories

Yes, funds are flighty these days and you can’t splurge as much as you would have wished. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the day with your loved ones. As much as possible, try not to dwell so much on the material things but pay more attention to creating more memories.

We’re certain you will have a swell time this Valentine’s.

Image Source: Pinterest