By Tomilola Aiyepola

Everyone has that moment when they just do not feel motivated to do work.
You just want to lay in bed all day, eat and sleep. Whilst only a test announcement would jolt some students back to reality, for others; a call from their boss would do the trick. So, what happens when you are the boss? How do you stay motivated to work? Simple answer – Motivate Yourself! As the CEO, nobody would do it for you. Rather, you are often relied upon to motivate your colleagues. So, here are some simple ways to motivate yourself when you are the boss.


When you are in a rut and not feeling motivated, it is time to go back to your vision board and reconnect with your purpose. Remind yourself why you started this venture in the first place. Visualize the future you saw before and then get yourself fired up to make it happen. You should motivate your staff too and get in them in on this purpose. Selling your goals to someone all over again would remind you why you started and what you want to achieve.


Maybe it is also time to review your goals. Ensure they are realistic goals. Of course, you should have one big, bold goal but make sure you break it down into smaller realistic goals that motivate to get started with because they are simpler and easier to accomplish. Do a review of your goals one more time, break them down and get started immediately with the smaller and more fun tasks till you are up and feeling motivated again.


Just like you reviewed your goals, you can reorganize your workspace and work system. This is very likely to give you fresh inspiration and motivation to get back to work. Also, you can do this yourself or call a professional to help you. It is also not out of place to remodel your workspace completely. A sense of a new location should give you renewed motivation and inspiration to work.


The hardest part of working is getting started. Once you do, inspiration will return like a light bulb moment. Start tackling big tasks with smaller tasks to get in the spirit before moving to much larger ones. When you feel like you should procrastinate on a deliverable, just do it immediately. Once you start, you are plugged in. All you need to do is to get yourself started.


Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Set out time to think and to have fun. Take a break and clear your mind to avoid brain fog. There are always options: Take a walk, go to eat or focus on a hobby. Ensure that you are doing something you love. This way, you can make the whole process fun. You don’t have to be too formal about this. Enjoy yourself too as often as you can. You are the CEO!

If all else fails, you can search out inspirational activities like motivational quotes or watch TED talks or get yourself involved in charitable deeds. Never forget, you are the leader. You have to motivate yourself. There is hardly anyone else to do it for you. Always remember, you just need to GET STARTED!

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Image Source: Unsplash