Should we win or win with purpose?

Most times, entrepreneurs start out well with a mind-set to make impact and serve but overtime they get caught up in the ‘survival’ instinct web. They become consumed with the sole aim of winning rather than the passion with which they started the business in the first place. They forget the inspiration, sacrifices, dreams and what matters the most.

Yes, it feels good to win but many successes that have been recorded in history are really not successes in the true sense of fulfillment but a mere conquest of lower brands or individuals. It’s almost like they cage themselves in a mental ‘rat race’. It is important as a leader and an entrepreneur to carry your team along so that all activities are carried out within the context of the company’s vision, overall targets and purpose.

Here are three basic ways that entrepreneurs can make their employees run with their vision.

1. Start by clearly spelling out the reasons why the company exists. This gives you clarity on the service aspect of your company and helps your employees to channels their actions towards the general good and removes the focus from you. Some entrepreneurs go ahead to document this purpose in a write-up popularly called a ‘company mission statement’.

2. Ensure that your employees are on the same page as you. This will help them discover their strong points and leverage on it. Allowing your staff to operate in their areas of strength or expertise improves productivity, encourages innovation and fosters a feeling of fulfillment and usefulness while carrying out their obligations.

3. You must develop a free atmosphere for feedback. Having a healthy feedback system aids improvement in every organisation. However, it is important to balance constructive criticism with adequate praise so as not to dampen the minds of your employees. Let them know that you appreciate their efforts but they can do much better. Also, allow them to make suggestions on creative ways of solving problems or getting things done.

When all these are in place, you would be building a great team with a greater vision which does not just revolve around you but for the general good. Making an impact and rendering services, becomes paramount even as you raise your bottom-line. It begins with you, once you can get the foundation right, it becomes easier for your employees to tag along or better still, run with you.

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