Fret Not! Our Valentine Gift Ideas will Guarantee Your ‘Bae’

Valentine’s Day is here and today is a weekday. Bummer, I know. Some of us had already made grand plans in our heads only to realize that we would be at the office today. What this also means is that we have to settle for dinner dates or move the entire celebration till the weekend. Whichever way, Valentine’s Day will still go on.

One of the synonymous things today has with Christmas Day is the spirit of gift-giving. It is another opportunity to appreciate your significant other or loved ones, particularly by showering them with romantic gifts. Believe me when I say that a lot of people are patiently waiting to be pleasantly surprised by their partners today. If the surprises are not here by now, don’t fret, they may come in before the end of today or by the  weekend when all the rush and frenzy has subsided.

However, what if you (as a partner in a loving relationship too) cannot (for the life of you) come up with decent gift ideas other than the customary chocolate, flowers and candy, what can you do?

Let’s explore six gift ideas for this Valentine so you can get on immediately with the orders. And if you cannot squeeze in any today, hint to your significant other that the weekend holds a double delight.

●  Wigs

Wigs are really trendy at the moment so it wouldn’t be out of place to get your ‘bae’ one or two. Plus, most ladies appreciate a classic wig  as it gives them a chance to try a new look while protecting their natural hair. So, a wig is a great gift idea usually not considered.

●  Makeup

This is a bit tricky because you have to make sure you get the right shade to suit her skin tone. To solve this, you might have to look at her stash to guide you on what to buy. Better still, buy lipsticks and imagine what colours you would like to see on her. You may have to start daydreaming to score on this one. Lipsticks are safe and can be tweaked to suit most skin tones. Better still, try a make-up gift voucher.

●  Organic Skincare Products

There is an increasing number of organic skincare brands popping up these days, offering healthier alternatives to the foreign products we are accustomed to. You can get your partner a kit or two for Valentine’s – go organic with Saratos or the traditional route with Sikan Black Kernel Oil. This may also be a hint about how they feel in your arms and as a reward, you may get a chance to apply it first!

●  Personalized Jewellery

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but what about personalized jewelry? Imagine the sort of effect your gift will have if it was engraved with your partner’s name, a favourite quote or a set of special gems that connote the personality traits you love about your significant other. If you’re thinking like we are, please call a Pandora Store nearest to you. #Thankuslater

●  3-Month Movie Subscription

Everyone loves to go to the movies but these days there’s probably not enough time for that. Some of us just want to stay home and binge watch our favourite shows with a bottle of wine. So, how about you get your partner a three-month subscription on Netflix, Iroko TV or Ibaka TV to watch without worrying about the cost. Remember, you both can start with a cozied up night tonight watching Life of a Nigerian Couple to poke fun at each other or a classic that sets the mood for some night cap.

●  Customized Mugs

Tea and coffee drinkers know that there’s no such thing as too many mugs. Why not get your loved one a customized mug with his or her favourite graffiti. Remember, it’s the thought and not the cost of the gift that matters.

●  Space Makeover

Today is a chance to change things around a little without screaming, ‘We’re redesigning!’ Eterior Spaces sure understands the importance and effect of #HappySpaces to relationships. Why not explore some of their space redecoration ideas on Social Media?  From Candles, to throw pillows, beddings, frames and so on. They’re your best bet for a space makeover. And what’s best? You can get these sorted for a wonder of a weekend.

Get Set, Order!

Image Source: Parade