#JobHack2017: Ever Considered Working for the Government?

Working with the government scares more people away than it attracts. This is probably due to a lot of misconceptions about government agencies and jobs. Some people feel that working in a government office can be somewhat boring and/or overly restrictive. Others think it is a lay about job and not professional. On the contrary, endless opportunities abound though it is an area easily overlooked and yes, there are many employees within the workforce who actually know their onions and can provide professional services.

Unknown to many, government agencies are in constant need of new talent and professionals like you, to play strategic roles and to add value. Young graduates are also in high demand as it has become expedient to integrate a high level of creativity into their modus operandi. Have you ever imagined applying for a job at your local government office? It would surprise you to know that they are recruiting more frequently than most organisations. One obvious reason for such massive recruitment is the fact that government agencies employ a large number of people, some of whom become due for retirement at different times.

Most unemployed individuals have never explored working with their local governments simply because they do not know the procedures. There are a few ways to gain employment into your local government office. A simple way is through Internship or Fellowship. A good number of graduates or professionals who joined through this method got retained after their stay was completed. Doing this, gives you a chance to apply for a more permanent engagement and when you scale through all the necessary procedures, you would definitely be given the job. You could also follow-up on job opportunities in the dailies and/or apply for employment via their relevant websites.

With diligence, young people can build a robust career whilst serving their local governments. The local government is a hub of huge data and therefore always in need of professionals from all fields who would coordinate and execute basic operational activities such as strategic planning, balancing of budgets, auditing, data analytics, urban planning, program planning, housing or community related work, legal services, administration, social media management, HR, learning and development and others. You could become the next best thing if you can offer modern and more efficient tactics to these needs.

For those aspiring for a diverse workplace, the local government is a platform where many talents and professionals from different fields work together to solve several problems and achieve goals. There are other benefits like pension, bonuses, free employee transportation, medicals, room for career advancement and so on.

Most of all, local government work is quite flexible for those who love to maximise time and opportunities.

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