How Effective Blogging Can Boost Your Brand

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the value of a blogging; however, blogging is a powerful tool capable of exposing millions of people to their ideas, products and services. Starting a blog is a potential tool of influence for entrepreneurs, which can increase and strengthen the reach of their business. What many entrepreneurs fail to understand is, a widely ready blog can spawn opportunities that may not be accessible via traditional methods. It can also help the business to stand out from the ever-teeming market and any serious minded entrepreneur should not take this lightly.

Many entrepreneurs have also discovered blogging to be a highly effective tool for their businesses to be discovered online. “What Apple is to products, a blog is to your branding. Both employ an inbound strategy–drawing people to what you have to offer and increasing SEO,” says Kartik Rajan, a technical data analyst and entrepreneur who uses his blog to promote his personal brand. As a result of writing regularly, he has been requested to publish in Huffington Post, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Blogs create extra platforms for demonstrating proficiency, promoting skills, and telling success stories. Entrepreneurs can establish thought-leadership within their industry by creating original, engaging content thereby evolving into a household name for trusted advice. Opportunities will definitely flow your way, when you become an established expert in your field. There are certain technicalities about your business that your customers may not understand, but a blog gives you the channel to effectively explain it in a way that is clear and concise.

As an entrepreneur, blogging gives you a voice and a chance to be heard, also effectively explaining the basics of your products and services will no doubt give your business, an edge in the marketplace. But most of the time, a blog is the missing piece in a company’s social media strategy because sharing your content on social media, is giving your brand free exposure. You can think of it as a full-time personal branding marketing assistant.

“Since I started blogging, I have been able to use social media much more effectively to direct traffic to my own site, which has improved my SEO and increased web inquiries by 75%,” according to Ben Walker, business owner of Transcription Outsourcing.

If you want sustainable growth in your business SEO and online branding, blogging has to be given a long-term commitment, because it’s not something you do for just a few months. Although blogging is not for everyone but it has been made easier with self-publishing platforms like WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn and Medium to continually engage an audience of potential customers for their companies. Busy entrepreneurs can also build a team of content writers to ensure, there is a steady flow of content to sustain the growth of the business online presence.

Image Source: Spy Glass Creative