About Us

At 234Finance.com, we want all entrepreneurs to see their businesses as a solution to a problem- and if they don't, to re-think their business strategy to accommodate this mind-set, which affords us the opportunity to efficiently supplement their efforts with resources that are geared towards problem solving and growth.

We recognize that making an informed decision is the first step to business progress, therefore our resources are a bouquet of Financial Advisory Services, Business Development, Public Relations & Marketing for SMEs and Tech Startups in our community.

We are guided by 5 Core Values: Content, Community, Collaboration, Capacity Building, Capital.

Our Vision
To promote African entrepreneurship by fostering a thriving ecosystem through capacity building, impactful mentorship and access to finance

SME BootCamp 2024

An Intensive 4 Weeks Bootcamp to empower Entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools and capital to achieve rapid growth and global competitiveness.