Readers Are Leaders, True?

Holidays in the corporate world are often considered as a reward for gruelling days at work. A holiday is seen by so many people as an opportunity to take time off from the formal atmosphere at the office to a friendly and accommodating environment elsewhere. To many employers or employees who work in corporate environments, a holiday is seen as a time to travel to other parts of the world, enjoy sunny beaches during the summer, visit family and friends, rest and participate in other social engagements. In the 21st century, the frequency of holidays taken by anyone is largely dependent on his/her social level, status, and financial background.

For top management executives and CEOs, a holiday could be just another trip where they strike another business deal or explore ways to improve themselves for their business. It could also be an avenue to focus on other businesses they manage and a hiding place away from their workloads. Others view it as an opportunity to rejuvenate themselves physically and psychologically in order to prepare for the tasks ahead.

Books can be a good companion during vacations especially the ones that are not related to work. Corporate leaders around the world read fiction and nonfiction books spanning everything from classics to newcomers, business topics to biographies, and folk tales.

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