Africa’s Tech Startup Ecosystem

Nigeria’s startup scene is dominated by e-commerce and is usually referred to as the e-commerce capital of Africa with startups like Konga, Jumia, Super Mart, iROKOtv  and other numerous online service providers.

Kenya’s top innovations are in the evolution of mobile money. In countries like South Africa and Nigeria, financial institutions have been introducing the mobile payment method as an alternative to conventional banking. Mobile money is redefining how global transactions are done in the 21st century.

Ghana’s startup ecosystem started with BusyInternet that led to the Ghana New Ventures Competition. Now the scene is championed by the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), Impact Hub, Mobile Web Ghana, ServLed and iSpace — the hot spots for innovation.

The presence of multiple incubation centres for technological innovation including iHub and NaiLab in Kenya, Orange Fab and ADN factory in Ivory Coast, ccHUB and Leadpath in Nigeria, MEST and Servled in Ghana, and 88MPH and Workshop 17 in South Africa have further propelled the development of startups which have been hyped to produce the next big innovations in the coming decades.

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