London-Based Dunhill Ventures to Host Family Office Investment Summit in Lagos on March 14th

London-based Dunhill Ventures is gearing up for its highly anticipated event in Lagos, Nigeria, scheduled for March 14, 2024. This marks their first event in Lagos following their recently concluded  family office investment summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on March 5th. As the spotlight shifts to Lagos, anticipation is high for innovation to meet with social responsibility.

This event brings together innovative founders and investors to share ideas, build partnerships, and showcase initiatives making a real difference across different industries. Additionally, it aligns with the Guardian Women’s Festival for International Women’s Day, addressing important global issues like diversity, inclusion, and investment.

The integration of women across diverse sectors and the promotion of female entrepreneurship are central themes of this event. Its goal is to ensure women have a seat at the table in decision-making positions and to shine a spotlight on female founders and leaders, whose achievements will inspire and empower attendees. Their successes will be celebrated not only for their inclusion but also for their significant contributions to innovation and growth.

Additionally, the event aims to highlight valuable companies in Nigeria and West Africa, promoting collaboration beyond borders and also to enable investors and institutions to identify and support companies advocating for female tech talent. It also aims to facilitate access for women in various industries. Companies that have demonstrated a commitment to including women in their activities will be highlighted during the event.

Date: 14th March,2024 at the Federal Palace Hotel


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