Don’t keep Interns if They…

Internships are easy paths to secure jobs. Of the 75 percent of students surveyed by the Bloomberg Business Week’s research, 61 percent said they had a job offer in hand by the winter of their senior year, compared with 28 percent of students without an internship. However, some interns often make some mistakes that block their chances of landing their dream job. Here are five of the most common mistakes interns make and some tips on how to avoid them.

  1. Complain about being bored

“This work is damn boring!” That’s what one of the complaints interns make about a job they got at a company. And it’s one of their biggest mistakes. Work is boring; your company understands that, but interns should understand that they are hired to work at the boring job instead of being cozy in a sofa, coffee in hand, chatting with their besties on Snapchat. So, don’t go in for comfort. Expect a boring job, and accept the fact that you are there to get the boring work done. Perfectly too.

  1. Take small tasks for granted

All tasks have equal weight. When your Marketing Officer asks you to print that flyer, they really need it done right away. Don’t think, “Oh, it’s just a print. I’ll assign the secretary to do that.” You’re making a big mistake, and unfortunately, that’s how many interns behave while working in a company. The thing is, most of the tasks given to you are just tests, examining if you have the character and determination that fit the culture of your employer. Be serious. Don’t take any task for granted.

  1. Are not proactive

Most interns are not proactive. Rather than being proactive at going beyond their job description, they often wait for orders from their supervisors. That won’t get you hired after doing your months. Expand the topic sentence by answering the how and why questions. If you want to stand out from the crowd of your colleagues and increase the chances of your being hired, you need get your hands dirty. And that means you need to cultivate a positive mindset and get down to business at all times.

  1. Leave projects unfinished

Most interns have the habit of suspending their work “till tomorrow,” as if they are the ones running things. Leaving unfinished projects tell your employer two things about you: (1) You’re lazy and (2) You’re irresponsible. And these are the least impressions you would want to make in your employer’s mind. No matter how big a project is, ensure to complete it before you leave everyday, if possible. That doesn’t mean that you should put too much work on your plate and work extra hours to complete them. No. Instead, take one to three projects at a time and get them done perfectly.

  1. Send sloppy e-mails

E-mails are a big deal for companies. Unfortunately, most interns take them for granted. When sending e-mails, interns often mistake it for just another post on the internet. They abbreviate words, use slangs, and are careless about the rules of grammar and usage. The truth is, your sloppy e-mail could make or break your company’s reputation. So take it seriously. Before you hit “send,” edit and proofread your message up to three times. Your message is not coming from you. It’s your company’s voice. Handle it with care.

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