Attend the Business Dissect Training for Entrepreneurs

Event Description

Business Dissect is a two-day training and workshop specifically designed for Small and Medium-scale Enterprises facing peculiar challenges related to business growth.

The Business Dissect training is brought to you by Brain, Cedar and box Resources (BCB Resources). BCB Resources Limited is an organizational effectiveness and project management firm established to ensure individuals and organisations get value-driven results each time. A faculty of seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals will facilitate and guide participants on critical business areas including:

  • Critical Analysis of Business Models, Methods and Markets
  • Moving from Visioning to Action
  • Branding for SMEs – What You Need To Know
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Accounting and Tax Regulatory issues

The session will also involve personalised business clinics for participants. The business clinics will give participants the opportunity to relay their peculiar issues to the experts present. The facilitators of the training include:

  • Ini Abimbola, Lead Consultant/CEO of ThistlePraxis Consulting
  • Abolaji Olorunkoya, Finance & Commercial Manager of Azura Power West Africa Limited
  • Iquo Ukoh, CEO of Entod Marketing
  • Jide Alade, Brands/Marketing Communications Expert


The two-day training will be happening on April 5 & 6th, 2017


To attend Business Dissect, you can register by sending an email to [email protected]

Attendance of this training comes at a price-tag of N50,000 only.