#ThinkDigital: Untapped LinkedIn Features

Many times, we acquire gadgets and for months or years, remain unaware of all their functions until someone points them out or we stumble upon them. This also applies to some social media features and certain applications. As popular as LinkedIn is to career development today, there are some basic tools people often ignore on the platform.

Besides registering on the platform, there are three helpful features that are still unknown to many users. This may just be the reason why they have not landed that dream job. These features are useful during job searches and while networking with other professionals.

LinkedIn assists millions to secure professional employment by accurately linking up the right competencies with the right recruiters, so start by keeping your status ‘open’ for job opportunities. This can be done by applying a feature on the job search section, which streamlines the flood of job adverts to your specific preferences. That way you get notified only of employments within your areas of interest. The ‘preference tab’ within the ‘job section’ helps you accomplish this.

Also within that section, there is the ‘Discovery’ tab where you can be more specific with the ‘job title’ of your choice. This automatically populates related new opportunities and even those viewed by other users. There is a ‘Save’ option which activates a folder where LinkedIn keeps all the jobs that you have indicated interest in for reference purposes. This feature is privacy-enabled in such a way that even colleagues from your current company who are your contacts are not able to see your interaction with other companies, much less become aware of your search for another job.

Another uncommon feature is the ‘Find Alumni’ option under ‘My Network’ section. This has helped connect individuals from the same alma mater (college, high school, members of same group or fellows of the same professional body). Many have discovered ‘2nd Connections’ of their preference companies as friends of their Alumni. This helps to make the employment process smoother. You can also streamline your Alumni search by age, level of experience and so on.

The ‘Advanced People Search’ is one of the most important features on LinkedIn, often used to single out an individual who occupies a particular role in a company and whom you need to get in touch with. Simply input your search criteria, the person’s contact details will pop up, and thereafter you can extract their e-mail address from their profile. This tool is located on the right side, close to the regular search bar.

In conclusion, when you do secure that interview appointment of your dream, be sure to adequately prepare for that opportunity. Therefore maximize all available features and leave no stone un-turned in your job search. Your career might depend on it.

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