Apply for $58,000 FIRE Africa Grant 2018

The FIRE Africa Grants will be open between 5th March and 1st April. A total of $58,000 USD in funding will be available across two (2) categories. Selected projects will benefit from a series of institutional strengthening and capacity building activities aimed at providing the knowledge, tools and contacts needed to further advance successful initiatives. Projects must be aligned with one of the following categories:

2018 funding categories

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN TECH: New projects from organisations led by female entrepreneurs focusing on practical solution(s) that use technology to address specific challenges faced by women and girls. Three (3) grants, each amounting to $11,000 USD will be allocated in this category

BUILDING COMMUNITY NETWORKS: New projects relating to research and implementation of low-cost solutions in the form of locally owned and managed communications infrastructure that uses technologies such as wireless communications/technologies to build community networks. Two (2) grants, each amounting to $15,000 USD will be allocated in this category.


There is a strong emphasis on the documentation of impact and knowledge sharing through papers, videos, and other communication materials. Successful applicants must include realistic project time frames, a detailed budget, and a clear communication strategy that details plans for dissemination of project outcomes.

Project details, results and outcomes will be shared on the FIRE Africa website, the Internet Society website, with the AFRINIC community and global RIR community, on social media and on the Seed Alliance partners’ websites for the benefit of the Internet as a whole. Grant Recipients are encouraged to share “behind the scenes” lessons learned during the project cycle as well as make themselves available for interviews and other promotional activities around the dissemination of project results.

Who should apply for a FIRE Grant?

Projects from African-based public or private sector organizations, universities, or research and development institutions, and non-government organizations will be considered. Individuals are not eligible. All applications must be aligned with the specific Grant’s objectives, eligibility criteria, and administrative guidelines. Applications will only be accepted if the project is based in the African or Indian Ocean region as defined by the AFRINIC Service Region.

FIRE Africa actively encourages Francophone, Lusophone, female-led projects, projects originating in post-conflict countries, and projects that support isolated communities. We also encourage projects that use technology to address the specific challenges faced by women and girls, disabled people or marginalised groups.


FIRE Africa reserves the right to decide to partially fund a project. Grants proposal applications accepted for review will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Is aligned with the specific Grant’s purpose and scope.
  • Has a clearly demonstrated benefit for the community.
  • Has clearly objectives and well-structured methodology.
  • Must be managed by organisations based in the Africa or Indian Ocean region (as defined by the AFRINIC Service Region) with funds allocated to be invested in this region.
  • Shows or demonstrates a capacity to manage funds, conduct project activities and document outcomes effectively, within the specified budget and time limits.
  • Is submitted by a public or private sector organization, university, or research and development institutions or non-government organizations. Individuals are not eligible to apply.
  • Has potential for growth or further development and has demonstrated scalability.
  • Outlines engagement within the community relevant to the project proposed.
  • Has an innovative approach to addressing issues that have been clearly identified and defined as part of the proposal.
  • Has a relationship with other existing projects at a regional/global level
  • Provides a realistic budget and time frame proposal. Please note that administrative overheads will not be funded. Project proposals that exceed the maximum Grant amount and timeline must specify where the additional funds will be obtained to bring the project to completion.
  • The names, academic background and relevant experience of the persons having relevant participation in the execution of the project must be stated. Particularly of the person who will be technically and administratively in charge of executing the proposal. Please do not submit complete curriculum vitae/résumé, unless the FIRE Africa secretariat requires it.
  • When submitting an application, the applicants acknowledge that any grant funding and, indeed, the application and evaluation process, is entirely at the discretion of the funding partners and they may choose to determine the process at any time up to the time of actual payment.

Key dates for 2018

Grants applications open 15th  March 2018
Grants applications close 6th April 2018
Selection process 9th April – 30th June 2018
Due diligence review and contracts 1st July – 30th July 2018
The announcement of successful application/s 1st August 2018

Further Information

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