3 Tips for Using Social Media Campaigns

Social media is no longer optional when advertising is concerned, it has become a must-have ingredient in any marketing campaign. It offers a wide range of platforms which enables you to reach a limitless number of people in the world. Despite its ubiquitous nature, there are still many businesses struggling to connect with their target audience online. Your social media marketing campaigns can be a waste of time if you’re not strategically positioning your marketing efforts around industry trends. It could be because you post content that doesn’t connect with your readers, or because people just aren’t interested enough to read or share it.

Understand your Platform – An important step to in maximizing social media is the ability to know your platform and what your audience will expect on that platform. Knowing where to post short, straight-to-the-point content versus long detailed content is a must. Facebook is a versatile platform that can work effectively for both short and lengthier content. To bring more traffic to your website, funny skits have a tendency to go viral, so it can be shared on your Facebook page thereby boosting the visibility of the brand. But you can likewise link to long form content on Facebook, because people spend enough time there, they are more likely to pay attention to your lengthier content and read it.

Generate Buzz and Share information – “You need to have a balance of pieces that spread information and content that causes buzz,” says George Sink Jr., Attorney and Marketing Director at George Sink, P. A. Injury Lawyers. “Buzz draws people to you and what you do. Information tells them what you’re really about.” It is imperative you make a distinction between content that gives your audience information about what you do and content that is purely entertaining.

Generating buzz is great because it draws more people to your website. People are more likely to remember something that amused them, so the name of your business will likely stand out in their minds. But if all you do is generate buzz and don’t put any information out there, you may get lost in the noise. Strike a balance between content that creates buzz and content that gives actual information about your business and brand.

Engage and Advertise – It is also vital you find a balance between paying for sponsored ads on social media websites, and interacting with your followers on those sites. Followers tend to become irritated by post promotions constantly clogging their timelines. Aside from promoting yourself and your brand on your page, ensure to spice it up with content that your audience will really enjoy. You can do this either by asking a question, or simply posting something that you know people will like and share – never take your audience for granted.

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