4 PR Strategies Every Start-up Should Adopt

The way we think, act and communicate has radically shifted over the years with the advancement in technology. These changes cut across every sphere of business including public relations and marketing and there are four shifts your company should embrace to stay competitive, profitable and better connect with its target market:

Collaborate with Influencers

An effective marketing technique that cannot be undermined in business is the ‘Third party credibility’.  Irrespective of who your target market is, when influencers tell others why they appreciate your product or service, it boosts your brand’s credibility. Brands can collaborate with influential individuals, self-publishing platforms and social-media networks, especially people whose published content drives viral engagement amongst niche audiences. Influencers are always willing to collaborate with compelling content which can either be images, videos on any of the social media platforms.

Clarify the ‘Why’

Invest time in establishing the vision behind your business and build it into your culture.  The disruption of technology today has turned the watch light on brands as they can be easily scrutinized by consumers. From Twitter reactions that expose poor customer service, to Facebook Live videos that disparage brands for not living up to their promises. With the high rate of social engagement, companies can no longer hide their inefficiencies. While this is a challenge, it is equally an opportunity for brands to implement principal values that make them more relatable to the public. Consumer surveys have revealed that 58% of consumers especially within the youth, presume brands to publish content online before they can buy anything while 43% rate authenticity as more central than the content itself. 

Focus on Creating Content

With a variety of options at customers’ disposal today, ad buying has become more aggressive, thus the shift towards the digital world. Brands can create quality, user-specific content that tells a germane story with tools like sponsored posts and native advertising, this is more effective than a sale promotion or pitch which is just on repeat pitch. Many consumers today, have a choice over what content they engage with and brands need to understand what drives them. Brands need to become smarter and more customized than ever with their online content.

Provide Traditional Press with Exclusivity

The advent of digital media has relegated traditional mass media to the background. However, the newspapers, trade journals, radio stations and TV shows still bear third-party credibility and weight and this can positively impact any business using these channels for PR. Although the landscape may have changed, the core of what motivates the public to appreciate a product or service is still the same. Brand loyalty still comes from the public relating well to a brand’s culture and a belief that its offerings add great value.

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