Apply to U.S-Africa Business Summit

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is calling for participants in this year’s U.S. – Africa Business Summit. CCA is planning to convene a a host of business and government leaders to discuss the challenges faced while doing business in Africa, and also proffer commensurate solutions for organizations hoping to take advantage of the U.S – Africa trade and Investment policies.

Why Attend?

With over 44 Heads of States, more than 500 companies,  a thousand attendees and 50 different companies represented since inception CCA’s US-Africa Business Summit is one of the most important US Conferences on doing business in Africa.

Other benefits include:

Engaging the New U.S. Administration

The 2017 U.S.-Africa Business Summit will be one of the first opportunities for the U.S. and African private sector, and African governments to engage with the Trump Administration and key U.S. agency appointees.​
Access High-Level African Government Representatives
Meet key African heads-of-state, ministers and decision-makers in one place, at one time. ​
Unparalleled Networking with Business Professionals
Networking is the #1 reason summit participants attend each year. Connect with 1000+ business decision-makers from C-suite to business development.  ​
Take part in Dynamic Sessions on Business In Africa
Hear from leading U.S. and African industry experts on best practices for business, trade and investment.
Amplify your brand
The CCA Summit is one of the foremost conferences on African Business and presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your company to leading businesses and key government officials. ​

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