Social Media Influences Consumer Buying Behaviour

Innovations in technology have witnessed the e-business and online marketplace boom operated by international models Ebay and Nigeria’s leading online marketplace This is as a result of the online culture embraced by Nigerians in recent times.

The growth of Nigeria’s online culture is largely facilitated by the advent of social media. Besides engaging and connecting people, social media has become a marketing function that allows businesses target consumers with personalized offers and deals.

Big players in the Nigerian online marketplace, have identified Social media as a valuable marketing tool, emphasizing its influence on consumer buying behavior.

The impact social media has on a retailer or brand is huge and new research from Ebay estimates that in the next two years the value of social media for retail will more than double £1.5bn to reach around £3.3bn.

According to Kaymu’s PR Manager, Tomiwa Oladele, social media influences and inspires purchases. “Many online shoppers are active users of social media and their purchases are influenced by social media trends, ads and engagements”, she added.

Shoppers embrace online shopping for a variety of reasons ranging from convenience to options, price and competitiveness. To this end brands are constantly using social media to capture and retain attention as well as influence sales.

Since inception, social media platforms like Facebook have been a primary vehicle for the promotion of businesses as it allows consumers engage in a discussion about a product or service which they like or intend to purchase and this influences consumer purchasing behavior.

In recent times, business savvy brands like Kaymu have engaged the use of other social media platforms like Instagram, Google+ and Youtube as added online marketing channels.