Introducing NowNow: An E-banking App

Amid the recent surge of mobile banking tools and utilities in the African tech scene, here comes yet another e-banking app to possibly help African business owners transition to the cashless system.

NowNow is a platform that lets you make and receive cashless payments seamlessly via a mobile app, eliminating the need to whip out your debit or credit cards on POS Terminals at every purchase. It proposes an easy avenue for consumers to transact at third-party sites as well as make peer-to-peer transactions.

The app boasts of a simple and friendly interface, uncluttered with an intuitive navigation experience. NowNow is not just another payment app, as other features include mobile wallet and peer-to-peer transactions. NowNow users also get rewards in form of loyalty points on every transaction.

To get started, all you need to do is head over to their page and download the app on Google Play. You sign up with your phone number and follow the instructions. After all has been done, you can send money by adding beneficiaries or register the recipient’s mobile number, bank account or scan a recipient generated QR Code. The app integrates easily with your phone contacts to show a list of active users for peer-to-peer instant transfers.

As a rewards customer, you get a 5% cash back on value of every airtime (yes, you can also buy airtime) and data purchase credited to your wallet. Completed transaction also avails you a chance to select a variety of discount coupons redeemable, based on the value of your transaction.

In general, NowNow let’s you recharge your mobile phone, pay bills, utilities, send/receive money and pay at shops directly to merchants.

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