Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative Fund

Microsoft wants to assist in bringing technology to markets where it will do the most good. For a second year running, Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative is awarding grants for solutions that enable internet connectivity and drive services and business models through affordable access in underserved communities.

The Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative Fund seeks to support, grow and scale innovative businesses that are developing technologies and business models that have the potential to help billions more people affordably get online. Areas of interest include last mile access technologies, off-grid renewable energy solutions, and alternative payment mechanisms, as well as verticals such as healthcare, education, and agriculture. Eligible applicants covering these areas and more will be considered.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The solutions should leverage low-cost forms of last-mile internet connectivity, off-grid energy solutions, and/or alternative payment mechanisms
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to utilizing and/or selling cloud services

Applicants must:

  • Be a commercial organization with two or more full-time employees (applications from non-profits, government agencies, or academic institutions will not be accepted)
  • Have a working solution and paying customers
  • Demonstrate potential to scale to new markets
  • Be free of any legal or regulatory encumbrances

Application Deadline: Midnight US Pacific Standard Time January 31, 2017

Apply Here

Image Source: The Country Caller