Nigeria’s First Digital Bank is Here

On visiting the homepage, the initial consensus is it looks like a lot of thought went into the design process. It has a premium minimalist finish, with a really crisp colour tone, and a very eye-catching design. But what exactly is ALAT about? is Nigeria’s first truly digital bank and it is a Wema Bank Initiative which proposes to solve the all-too-popular stress of opening and maintaining a bank account in a supposedly cashless Nigeria. What you’ve got is a service, designed to help you create and manage your account in just a few clicks, hence completely removing the need for any sort of paper-trail. So just imagine never having to visit the bank for anything. All you need is your BVN and phone number and in 5 mins, you’ve got your bank account all setup. Some of the other features include:

  • Being able to manage transfers and bill payments online
  • No extra/hidden charges
  • Up to 10% interest on saving
  • Being able to control your bank card from your phone
  • It works with all Nigerian bank cards.
  • You even get a free bank card delivered within 48 hours.

You can head over to their page to see for yourself. We’re definitely interested to check this seemingly awesome service out and then a product review in the offing soon.

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