Life as a Startup Employee

There are advantages that come with working in a budding organisation. At least, it is always an opportunity to make a real difference and create an impact. Apart from the expectation of spending long hours at work, there are some other factors to consider before joining a start-up.

No Routine Interview Style – Since it’s a start-up, the criteria for interviews are random. Most times you get to meet the founder during the interviews and the tests come in unusual little ways like manner of approach, etiquette, team work tests, ability to handle pressure and so on. Sometimes, you get interviewed more than once as the demand for roles advance and you are needed at a much higher level in the organisation.

The Company may Fold-up – Yes; you’re excited about your new job but bear in mind that one of the intricacies of start-ups is the tendency to shut down abruptly. The reality is that nearly 90% of start-ups don’t make it. You cannot determine what stage the company is as at when you are employed but it’s a risk you need to take consciously. Complications can arise like funding issues or fraudulent staff might make away with cash. A good way to measure how well a startup is faring is to observe their growth; if they are not growing, they are most likely failing. Since the company is new, they need to build their own market share and loyalty from existing customers. Some of these factors are beyond your control as a new hire but it is worth keeping in view.

Unpredictable Schedules – The start-up life can be erratic. Some weeks, you have piles of work and during slower periods, it seems like nothing is happening. There is a need to keep a flexible personal schedule in order to meet up with the demands when they come unexpectedly. This demand makes the management of start-ups to sometimes allow employee to work from home as long as they meet their expected targets. It is also important for you to have the ability to adapt as new challenges crop-up whilst bearing in mind that whatever assignment you are handling is critical to the survival of the start-up company and therefore should not be trifled with.

All Work and All Play – This is owing to the demanding nature of start-ups. Tasks beyond your job description may be allocated to you in order to beat deadlines. Even when they are not allocated, you find yourself volunteering. This creates a bond, as everyone is involved in the long hours of work. As soon as a particular project is successfully completed, it’s time to celebrate. Recreation could take any form ranging from fitness classes, outings, dinners, happy hours and so on.

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Image Source: Hiver