Entrepreneurs, Are You Guilty of These Ten Things?

By Lola Coker-Esu

As entrepreneurs, it’s very easy to find yourselves in the viscous cycle of unending work. Some of you work full time and juggle entrepreneurship part time, while some of you are mothers or caregivers. Below are some things you need to watch out for, to prevent burnout and failure:

  • Overextending yourself – putting too much on your plate at once. Be realistic about what you are able to accomplish.
  • Poor eating habits – you get so engrossed in work that you forget to eat and when you eventually eat, its a snack, or an unhealthy meal. Don’t worry I have been guilty of this as well. Set reminders or schedule your lunch.
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) – Every time an opportunity presents itself, you want to take advantage of it whether or not it’s convenient or even fits your business model. Someone tells you real estate is hot today, you’re there! Someone tells you hospitality is trendy, you’re there! Get it together people, there’s a difference between FOMO and creating multiple streams of income.
  • Taking your work to bed – this is self explanatory but how many times do you go to bed with the intention of sleeping but 5 emails, 30 minutes on Instagram and 10 YouTube videos later, you’re still awake… GUILTY! Do not take your devices to bed, this will prevent temptation especially if you don’t have the strong will to resist.
  • Obsessive people watching – there’s a difference between learning and just plain stalking. If your “people watching” is not getting you anywhere in your business, please stop it!
  • Lack of Work Life balance – you tend to give more attention to one over the other. Sometimes you give more attention to work and the home suffers and then you give more attention to the home and then work suffers. Plan your time so you know when to take the work hat off and zone into your home life.
  • Displaced or no priority – Don’t spend time on time wasting activities. It’s also important to prioritize your tasks because life happens and you don’t always get to check everything off your to- do list. However, if you prioritize you’ll be able to knock the important and time sensitive tasks out of the way and then move the rest of your tasks over to the next day comfortably.
  • Procrastination – I like the quote that says “Procrastination is a thief”. It steals your time and you can’t get the time wasted back so be wise about it. Besides, it puts pressure on you because you often rush to meet deadlines.
  • Fear – if you find that you are easily intimidated by big tasks, or you’re scared to launch out or embrace change, this will harm your entrepreneurship journey. Take a chance on yourself!
  • Poor Communication – this does not only apply to marriage. you need to communicate effectively with your team, clients, partners, vendors and all stakeholders. It will save you a lot of time and prevent confusion. Be clear on everything you say, keep it simple!
Image Source: Crossway