The Surge in Event Management

Have you ever wondered about the sudden evolution in Nigeria’s event management industry? I have too and its recent growth has contributed to the spontaneous growth in so many business verticals. From event planning to the venue, to photography, and lets not forget food and many more services along this massive value chain. The immense development in event management in Nigeria has sparked the attention of CNN, as they covered a documentary describing the Nigerian party scene.

Events of all sizes are being organized often; from big flamboyant weddings, concerts, fashion shows, corporate events down to small private gatherings. In recent times, many companies have used events as a key marketing and communication tool. From product launches to press conferences, companies create promotional events to help communicate with both existing and potential clients.

The selection of the best vendors has always been the key to a successful event. With growing popularity and years of experience, some vendors have branded themselves overtime and can successfully stand out in the midst of competition. If you have interest in exploring the opportunities that event management offers, here are some typical services that you may want to consider:

Event Planning

An Event planner helps with the budgeting, selecting and reserving a venue, communicating with all the vendors, coordinating transportation and parking. The Event planner is responsible for bringing the couple’s vision to fruition. Depending on the event and theme, they plan everything to fit their client’s desires, and also do everything possible to make the event a successful one. Event planners help with consultation, marketing, and management to ensure a smooth execution of the event.

Venue & Decor

Depending on the location and the space available for the event, some of these venues come with a heavy price tag. The venue is a key factor in planning any event and it can determine the date of an event, depending on its availability. The type of occasion and preferred theme, determines the décor and design of the venue.


Culled from Blue Velvet Marquee


In the words Karl Lagerfeld, photographs capture moments that are gone forever and impossible to reproduce. Photography is another facet in event management and there is a current boom of young and very dynamic photographers capturing priceless moments during events.


Culled from SC George Photography


From entrees, desserts, small chops to cocktails, food is very important when planning an event. It is better to have more than enough than just enough for the number of people invited. It is a well-known fact in Nigeria that more people usually turn out than the intended number of guests. However, this can be controlled for ticketed events, like company parties or a product launch, where select people have been handpicked to attend.


Culled from Mrs J Foods

Event Hosts

For bigger occasions, event coordinators and hostesses help organize and prevent any disarray or uproar that may arise on the day of the event. Event hosts are very versatile; they help at various levels, from welcoming and ushering guests, parking coordination, to distribution of gifts and so on.

Fashion Design & Textiles

There has been a surge in the number of young people going into the fashion industry. With an eye for great taste and an edge, Nigerian fashion designers are definitely pushing the limits. There has also been a clear shift in textile trends from Ankara styles, to Lace and now Velvet.

velvet Culled from Bunnie Bees Fabrics

These facets of event management have increased its presence in Nigeria and it has helped people transition from employees to entrepreneurs. It has increased opportunities for youths and made a significant impact in the country’s economy. Technological advancements have also played a huge role in productions, exhibitions, communication and marketing. In a nutshell, the event management industry has attracted many young people to pursue more unconventional career paths.

Contributed by Dammie Azeez, CEO