Introducing Filmhouse IMAX: The Largest Cinema Screen in West Africa

Although, Lagos is no longer the capital of Nigeria, it remains the entertainment and business hub, as well as the locale of many innovations.

Filmhouse Cinemas Limited in partnership with IMAX Corporation – a Canadian theatre company in over 69 countries, officially opened Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas at Lekki Phase 1 on the 9th of September, 2016. The business is new and already looking good.


Mr. Kene Mkparu, CEO of Filmhouse Cinemas took about two years to launch the IMAX franchise and it is currently the first largest cinema screen and film house in Nigeria and indeed West Africa.

Although Filmhouse Cinemas Limited has been around for a while with some branches across Nigeria, the IMAX screen provides a new technology, as the first of its kind in West Africa with a different projector, lights, and overall cinema viewing experience. IMAX is often used for special-venue film presentations. It offers an enhanced viewing experience for movie lovers who do not mind paying a premium for it.

If you need a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, consider visiting Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas. From ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities, warm and exceptional customer service to a remarkable serenity, luxurious ambience, and of course, the IMAX experience. There are movies for all ages and new releases premiere every Friday.


We spoke to one of the Operations Managers, Mrs. Gisele Bejjani and when we asked about the response rate so far, she responded: “So far, so good. We’re extremely busy on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays because new movies are released on Fridays, which is considered as the start of a new week for Cinemas.”

We also asked her about how Filmhouse IMAX is positioned to compete with other film houses like Silverbird and Genesis Deluxe who have first mover advantage in the market and here was her response: “Before I answer that, let me first of all explain what an IMAX is. An IMAX is a screen inside FilmHouse Cinemas. FilmHouse Cinemas has been around for a while with branches in Surulere, Apapa, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Calabar and many others. So the IMAX screen is in corporation with FilmHouse. The first of its kind in West Africa; it is 28meters long, about two-storey buildings high and seats 339 people. It’s a new technology, the projector is different, the lights, the experience. So, there’s really no competition.”

At a closer look, this facility has five (5) screens – the IMAX Screen theatre, two regular 75-seater screens called Premium 1 and 2, and two other Private screen theatres – all constructed to conveniently accommodate up to a thousand people at a time.


The CUBE is a luxury private screen with cozy sofas for just 8 guests and a private restroom within the apartment. The CUBE has a price tag of N120,000 for 3 hours and comes with a choice of movies, intercom and a buffet service.



The Signature screen is a 33-seater private screen usually for corporate or personal events and it is purposely set to also serve as a Conference Hall. The Signature has a price tag of N8, 000 during off-peak periods, and N10, 000 during peak periods with complementary popcorn, drinks, water, appetizer, and an option to order for anything off the menu.


Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas also offers a large luxury Foyer, the Terrace Bar, the Signature Bar and Lounge, and a world-class restaurant service and you can eat anywhere within the building.




The opening hours are 10:00am till midnight on weekdays and 10:00am till 2am on weekends.

The company envisages setting up more IMAX screens in Filmhouse Cinemas of other locations within Nigeria and beyond but this will depend on the success of the maiden investment. It is an experience second to none within the industry in West Africa; and positioned to become ‘top of the mind recall’ for all movie lovers.

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