A Beginner’s Guide for Social Media Success in 2017

Corporate leaders of big and small organisations are gradually becoming more outspoken about pressing social issues such as Racism, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Terrorism, Poverty Alleviation and so on. Initially, it was limited to promotions, product launches and annual conferences. Subsequently, traditional media learned a helping hand and their opinions at such events were reported in the dailies, recorded live and transmitted on-air via radio and television.

The recent fusion of social media has made it easier for news to go far and wide, reaching most parts of the globe in a matter of seconds. Although, it is far reaching, social media is subtly delicate and can be used by some bad eggs to push your brand off the cliff.

Some entrepreneurs have learned bitter lessons from not seeking the assistance of social media experts before going online. They ended up stepping on a few toes or treading on some social land mines which triggered strings of negativity on social media that almost tarnished their reputation. Many corporate leaders have found themselves apologizing to mitigate the effects of their sporadic outbursts or the misconception of their well-meaning ventures.

It is advisable to put some damage control measures in place, in the event of unforeseen circumstances. With all good intent and purpose, you could be introducing a new line of products or campaigning for a course. You also need to tailor your content and strategy within the safe lines of social media so that trolls and hijackers wouldn’t contradict you and gain undue control over your campaign.

The reality is that comments, concepts and campaigns on social media can spin beyond the initiator’s intention and sometimes way out of control. Here are some guides to corporate social media contributions as a company and as a public figure entrepreneur.

Start by engaging the services of public relations officers and social media experts; they know the ropes. Next is to know that not all offline campaigns are suitable for social media platforms; let your media assistants help you outline, tailor and execute appropriate digital strategies. It usually works to be as concise as possible; posts must be catchy and you should always attach links to your official page or blogs for further information. Also, build a large group of supporters from your friends, family, and employees as this helps to keep trolls and hijackers at bay. Be quick to correct yourself if you sent out the wrong message and learn to apologize almost immediately. Finally, be alert and be ready to address any questions or misconceptions that may arise; let your responses be prompt.

When you have all these in check, you’re good to go on social media.

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