How to Reduce Stress

Coping with stress is an art many people would pay a fortune to acquire. Unlike the surveys of earlier centuries, stress seems to have become a common challenge of the contemporary lifestyle. From official to personal obligations such as the demands of paid employment, house chores, taking care of kids, car maintenance, payment of bills, rising needs and so on; all of these make stress seem unavoidable.

Psychologists from across the world have been carrying out surveys to find out how to overcome the adverse effects of stress or better still, what an individual can eliminate from their schedule in order to reduce stress, especially because it appears that women are the greater victims of it.  There must be a way to manage all of our daily activities and obligations without breaking out in a stress bout.

Up to seven ways to curtail your stress level have been provided and few are summarized here. Methods such as avoiding anyone whose presence does not liven you up or who always brings up issues that pertain only to them, thereby leaving you emotionally or mentally drained.

Actively confronting the issue by avoiding that ‘agent’ of stress would go a long way in reducing your stress level. Most people do not realize how much the quality of the company they keep impacts on their well-being. Studying this and being decisive with friendships would seem selfish at first, but beneficial in the long run.

Thinking deeply on past events and reopening old wounds has been found to be one of the commonest and surest ways to remain worked up. It would do you a lot of good to adopt a habit of letting bygones be bygones and learning to accept what you cannot control instead of revisiting the issues mentally, or re-living the pains. Stop those thoughts and stress will take a hike.

Some people just don’t know how to say NO. This subtle flaw might initially make you seem like an angel, a robot or a superhero who always saves the day, but overtime it piles up and begins to take its toll on you. Trust me, your friends and colleagues are aware of your weaknesses and sometimes deliberately leverage on it.

You subconsciously mount undue pressure on yourself by attempting to satisfy everyone around you, which is practically impossible without inducing stress. You do not have to carry out every task by yourself. Learn to delegate some of your official obligations. This would definitely help to minimize your stress level.

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Image Source: Humans Are Free