Help! My Ads Aren’t Delivering Results II

In the first part of this post, we explored Google Ads – Ad Words and Text Ads and concluded that Facebook and Instagram offer cheaper options for online advertising. Here is why:

Facebook Ads – Over a decade since its inception, Facebook has grown in leaps and bounds, increasingly winning the hearts of more people as its database of over a billion users. It also runs on the same mechanics as Google Ads but instead of Pay-Per-click (PPC), it is ‘Pay-Per-Impression’. According to an article on Huffington Post: “Thanks to the amount of personal information in Facebook’s database, they allow you to get ridiculously detailed with your targeting. Anything a user can put into their profile — age, sex, location, education, religion, interests, politics, job title, marital status, etc. — can be used as a filter for your ads,” Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users and 1.13 billion daily active users, it takes up about 15 percent of the Internet time Nigerians spend on mobile devices, compared with 11 percent on Google search and YouTube combined.

Facebook Ads is more affordable for small businesses but many entrepreneurs still wonder why it fails. The two major reasons why Facebook Ads fails is because the business doesn’t have a rock-solid digital media strategy or they probably approached this online advertising channels with misplaced priorities. It is important to bear in mind that Facebook Ads are not active, so your ads can pop up when a customer is not in the mood to purchase your products.

Some of the most effective uses of Facebook Ads for small businesses include: promoting brand awareness, social exposure and also building leads. When measuring your Facebook campaign, you should focus on Social ROI. To measure how engaged your audience is, take a look at the impressions, reach, likes, shares, click-through-rate etc. These metrics can be analysed in real-time, which gives you the opportunity to adjust your Facebook ads for increased impact.

Instagram Ads – With over 600 million active monthly users, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for content created with images. What makes this platform stand out is its level of user engagement. Brand engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times higher than Twitter. Instagram accrues 4.2 billion likes per day and has more than 1 million monthly advertisers. Instagram helps small business to find new customers through their targeting techniques but small business needs to understand that knowledge of the target audience and how to reach them is key, also create images that will prompt response from that audience. To create a business profile on Instagram, you need to have a Facebook business page it can be connected to because Instagram works with Facebook to get the audience information that is vital to your ad campaign. As a small business, Instagram is certainly worth investing in and you can build a following with help of sponsored posts.

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