Attaining Growth through Customer Reviews

When customers review your products and services, it offers credibility to your business. Prospective customers are also encouraged to patronize you when they read good reviews from what others have to say about your offerings. But there are steps to take in order to get these good reviews and leverage them to build your business:

Collaborate with Bloggers

Backlinks is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. it is part of the link building strategy which should include contacting bloggers to review your products and services. Focus on blogs within your niche that create content related to what you are selling. Most of the time, when bloggers review your products, they link it back to your website and social media channels. Do ensure they use specific anchor texts to links to your business. These are some bloggers in Nigeria you can collaborate with to review your products – SiSi Yemmie – Food/Lifestyle, Tuke Morgan – Natural hair, Omoge mura – Makeup/Beauty, Cassie Daves – Fashion and more.

Engage in Affiliate Programs

This is another way entrepreneurs can take advantage of, to boost the reviews of their businesses. Some Ecommerce companies such Jumia, Konga have affiliate programs, which they employ in promoting their products through blogs and other online media platforms.

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

To get more reviews for your products and service, ask your customers. They are the people in the best position to give reviews about your business offerings. Many companies feature their customers’ reviews and testimonials on the websites in form of quotes and snippets of their experience with the brand. For your product listings on Amazon, you may not know who your customers are but with great tools like Salesbacker, you can get in touch with purchasers and ask for reviews.

More reviews and feedback on your products can help you generate more sales. But avoid incentivizing reviews i.e. when you pay a reviewer for leaving a review of your products and services. There are other ways to encourage customers by offering discounts, coupons, promos and freebies when they review your products and services.

Optimise Your Website

There are pros and cons about your website to factor in when trying to get more reviews. These are some of the point to consider – provide details on your website to inform customers about writing reviews. Optimize your store to enable mobile device users write their reviews easily.

Build the habit of asking for customers review and feedback, this can make a big difference in your business. Be open to both positive and negative reviews too because its easier to build trust with customers when they can see the ups and downs of your products.

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Image Source: Pixabay