Apply to Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2017

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, in partnership with venture firm Nokia Growth Partners, is a calling for ideas, technologies, and new business models in the Internet of Things (IoT). The Challenge is open to innovators worldwide, developing the technologies of tomorrow in the Internet of Things (IoT) domains of smart cities, mobility, safety and security and connected industries.

Particular attention will be given to solutions that use the power of technology to save and improve lives.

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge is calling for startups and innovators who are working on the next big ideas in IoT to improve people lives and are able to demonstrate a working prototype for their idea that:

  • Improves cities by solving many urban challenges
  • Improves safety with technology
  • Improves how we interact and experience the world around us with virtual reality and machine interactions
  • Enables the next industrial revolution with LTE, robotics and sensors
  • Improves health with digital technologies

Submissions will be accepted between June 8 and September 20, after which they will be assessed and the top teams will be invited to a two-day concept development workshop with Nokia experts in Helsinki in November. The final judging and the award ceremony will be held right after the workshop.


  • Co-innovation and joint business opportunities
  • Business and technology boost by accessing Nokia’s technologies, products and resources
  • Access to Nokia’s global market
  • Investment opportunities

Application Procedure

Step 1: Submit your application before September 20

Step 2: Application review by October 20

Step 3: Concept development workshop, November 20-21

Step 4:Award ceremony, November 22

Step 5: Collaboration with Nokia


To apply, click here