5 Lessons From Linda Ikeji’s Recent Expansion

Image Source: Point Blank News

We have all heard about the recent expansion of Nigeria’s popular blogger; Linda Ikeji. She has created a new company called Linda Ikeji Media Ltd and shared on her blog that she has expanded into four different media ventures.

Linda Ikeji’s success in the last decade has been attributed to her unending zeal and passion for what she does – blogging! Making money from a hobby is like making money from having fun. As entrepreneurs, there are lessons to learn from Linda Ikeji’s success story:

1. MONETIZE YOUR HOBBY: If you have a passion for something or a hobby you enjoy doing, you should consider taking steps towards monetizing it. There may be challenges along the way, but the passion for what you do will drive you to keep pushing.

2. FILTER CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: When running a business, be prepared to get criticized from people who mean well and those who don’t. However, the ability to filter through criticism will keep you focused and help you fine-tune your business based on genuine feedback.

3. BE PREPARED: Many entrepreneurs venture into businesses unprepared and this is a recipe for failure. If you aren’t ready, don’t do it. Do not be pressured into starting a new venture because of the success of your present one. “For years now, people have been suggesting to me to do more, be more, gave me different ideas of other things to venture into, but I didn’t pay attention because I wasn’t ready. I like to do things at my own pace & my own time. I’m finally ready!” Linda Ikeji wrote on her blog. Do things at your pace, and success will eventually be yours.

4. STAY FOCUSED: Success they say has many friends. A successful person will attract many personalities, good or bad, who are looking to leach on the success of one’s business. Do not be blinded by the status accorded to you because of your small achievements, block out the noise and stay focused on the big picture and your ultimate goal.

5. MANAGE PUBLICITY: Every entrepreneur anticipates success in their endeavours. However, success sometimes comes with unnecessary exposure and pressure from the public eye about how you conduct your personal and business affairs. The ability to effectively manage publicity without affecting key business decisions, is important for every entrepreneur to thrive.

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