What To Do If You Lose Your Job

Image Source: Advance Your Career

What happens if you resumed at work tomorrow morning and you are told that you have lost your job or your start up was folding up? It’s always a sad experience but there are a few things to do right now.

First, you may want to consider updating your social media profiles so people know you are accepting job offers. Many professionals make the mistake of keeping old positions on their profiles long after leaving the job. This makes them lose out on talent scouts who often consider qualified individuals to fill roles from time to time. Meanwhile, getting relevant recommendations, on LinkedIn for instance will validate you for prospective employers.

Remember those brands you admire? Follow their profiles on social media as well. This will ensure you keep updated on opportunities as soon as they become available. It may just be coincidental that you start searching when a vacancy opens – this way you end a role and start another almost immediately.

Whilst waiting, it may be useful to brush up on interviewing skills to reduce the waiting time from one role to another. You may consider working for a larger organization to gain additional experience and also add value as many larger organizations go after start up employees to learn lessons of being small and nimble.

Networking remains a very vital tool – both virtually and in person. Networking may also refer to connecting people with each other to help them attain certain professional goals. This way, your goodwill is boosted up and when you need referrals for a new employment, you have contacts who are readily available to  return the favour.

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