Public Speaking: A Manifestation Of Great Writings

Public speaking – an art that induces the mind with emotion and heightens mental state is a manifestation of great writings that  soothes the ear with the use of certain rhetoric and one of the most dramatic forms of communication. Perhaps great writing is not manifested in speaking, if the speaker does not appeal, stir emotions and has the power to make the audience want to listen to every word in the speech again.

The use of words is important in the art of speaking. Great speakers should not only use the power in their vocal but also consider the audience and make them relate to whatever experience that is discussed. The use of pronouns in your speech should always sound conversational, words like “I, me, we, us, you” are considered as antidotes in speeches. Choose the appropriate phrases that will suit your message and sends signals to everyone listening.

Using visuals to describe an event or story is key because it gives the audience a memory to savor. Story telling might not be enough without using the right visual narrative, which is pivotal in delivering your message to the audience.

Your key messages should be delivered in short ‘quotable’ sentences. It will provide the sensation and memories that will last a while longer. In simple terms, keep it short. Use examples that are familiar and the audience can relate to – describing it with the memories and strength, while pointing out the lessons learnt.

In the art of public speaking, always place emphasis on the topic; make it ring a bell whenever the audience hears it on a different day. Public speaking is needed in our daily lives. It can be learned, polished and used as a weapon.

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