How to Create the Perfect Webinar

Webinars are audio and visual presentations that evolved from tele-seminars and they provide an opportunity to get the rapt attention of your clients and deliver real value without close proximity to them. It offers an ideal setting to sell anything to anyone at any time.

Creating the perfect webinar is a mixture of buyer psychology and sales know-how. It involves leaning on statistics and numbers, carefully analyzing feedback and reactions in a live setting. What actually goes into the perfect webinar is a hefty and carefully scrutinized formula. Should you be considering webinars to organize sales pitches or product demonstration sessions, here is a simple framework with distilled information on how to create the perfect webinar:

Define your offer

To build your webinar, it is important that you give your consumers an  irresistible offer. Therefore, take advantage of when there is a bit of scarcity. You need to offer some enticing perks which will gear up anyone interested in the subject matter to sign up and purchase your products or services. However, the challenge is there is only a short window of time to really nail them down.

Determine your resistance strategy

What many people fail to realize is that consumers tend to have natural resistances towards sale pitches. Your task as a sales person is to overcome any potential resistance the customers may pose towards your marketing proposition. However, in a webinar setting, you need to work extra hard to convince the consumer to purchase your product because you can neither see the other person nor are you in a one-on-one situation. To build an effective sales webinar, you need to consider some of the excuses your audience will try to pull off then find ways to eliminate these objections during your pitch.

Build a sales funnel concept

A sales funnel is the purchasing process that companies lead customers through when buying products. This is a critical element which will determine the success of your sales webinar especially with respect to the profit gained. Develop a concept and plan ahead for how long you plan to promote the webinar. Will you be sending a pre-webinar message or video to whet their appetite for the main dish or are there incentives that will spur them on to your product offerings?

Develop a hook and use testimonials

Your webinar should to have a strong hook, to pull in your audience, decreasing and eliminating any distractions around them and then drive your audience to pay careful and uninterrupted attention to what you have got to say. Great testimonials rely heavily on other testimonials. With testimonials you can show your audience that what you teach and sell gets results, and it delivers results for people who are just like them.

Establish yourself as an authority

This is a vital component with regards to selling in the midst of many webinar producers. It is important that you establish authority quickly. When doing the introduction, you need to convince your audience instantly to believe your ideas, suggestions and follow your instructions and advice. If your authority is not established early enough, the audience will not believe you and they will disconnect rapidly.

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Image Source: Entrepreneur