Free University Courses to Help Your Business Grow

Free education is hard to find these days – but if you do your homework you can find many courses that will help you and your business. UK universities have some of the best rated courses in the world but they can be expensive – up to $15000 per year for tuition alone! But if you opt for online learning you can save a fortune.

Futurelearn is a new initiative to promote online courses that kickstarted in 2013. Universities from across the UK are taking part and at the present time are offering it all for free. Taster courses cover a vast range of topics. Basic science, journalism, medicines, psychology, dentistry, data analysis, web science and Java programming are just some of the subjects on offer.

For entrepreneurs and business people Futurelearn is offering courses in business innovation, how to give presentations, digital marketing, branding, succeeding at interviews, people management – and even one on football finance! So, if you are looking for new inspiration or just want to brush up on your skills there might be something there for you.

Futurelearn also has English language courses too aimed at international students, with courses in English for international study and academic English.Testing is via multiple choice questions and in some cases by essay submission.

Courses are updated each term so it is a good idea to check the website every three or four months, if you don’t find something that catches your fancy on your first visit.

Online learning is said to be the future of education and it is not hard to figure why. Lessons fit around you and your lifestyle. Using videos, quizzes, online discussions, posted topics and materials, you are free to study at the speed that suits you. Each course is written by expert tutors and you can even get a certificate to say you have completed your study. What’s more, if you don’t have a PC or laptop you can still study using your mobile phone. Learning does not come much easier than this.

To find out more and sign up, simply go here!

By Will Sillitoe