Does Your Workspace Inspire Productivity?

Having piles of work seating right in front of you does not help your concentration level; the fewer the better because keeping a tidy workspace helps your brain to focus on one thing at a time. Most people have piles and clutters of paper needing attention all at the same time.

It is important to de-clutter each pile and treat them one at a time but this is a much difficult task as the mere thought of it can drain you of energy. Start by organizing your desk. Remove the items you have treated and keep columns of related items in the same place so that when it is required, you can easily spot them.

Even your office does need some organisation and arrangement from time to time. It would help to keep things in the right places – your computer, documents for meetings, financial statements, budgets, newspapers, reports and so on should be conspicuously separated for ease of identification. Many unimportant things left lying around you need to be disposed, while those that do not require your immediate attention should be keep in the cabinet until when necessary.

Another area that needs some streamlining is your digital work-space. Having numerous links and files littered all over your desktop can be a mental challenge when it comes to easily locating essential files. Take some time to organise files into folders and name each folder appropriately. Do your best to also respond promptly to official emails that are urgent; this would help to reduce the pile of work that you have to do daily. Trash what needs to be trashed and maintain a neat inbox. Many people do not realise that a messy digital work-space has the same effect on their psyche as keeping piles of papers lying on your physical desk.

Being organized can be a small but daunting task for many because you consider how much mess you have before you, and wonder how long it will take to clear them all if you begin now. The basic thing is to see the need for it and then start from somewhere.The next step would be to maintain a freer, leaner and neater workspace. Your mental health, work efficiency and overall productivity earnestly depend on this small factor.

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