Corporate Culture Lessons from HubSpot

Image Source: Wiki Media

The work environment is no longer conventional but mobile driven, highly decentralized, and flexible.  Experts believe the greatest challenge most companies are experiencing is operating in ways that were only acceptable half a century ago, and ignoring the obvious truth that so many things about the world has changed. The second biggest challenge corporate organizations face is the wrong perception about corporate culture  – as what workers believe and how they behave.

At first, HubSpot, a marketing software company, did not think much about corporate or team culture. They simply created a place where   founders loved to work, but as the company grew and its workforce hit 100 employees, they realized they needed to think seriously about what their employees wanted. So a “Culture Code” was created drawing inspiration from Reed Hastings’ famous presentation on Netflix’s culture.

Shah, one of the founders of Hubspot revealed that the Netflix culture deck was a major inspiration like Zappos, Facebook and Patagonia. HubSpot has built a culture around some key changes in their organizational framework like people working for a purpose and not pension, changing the 9-5 workday and also staying at one company forever. According to Hubspot, the changes made are not just going to be a manifesto, but part of a company and everyone participating in creating and changing it.

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