Bad Money Habits is Killing Businesses

Business owners are bound to make some bad financial decisions and as a result, many start-ups are plummeting by the second.  Many entrepreneurs put a lot of efforts in the administrative and operations arm of the business but forget to give enough attention to bookkeeping and accounting for cash flow. Keeping your books in order is very important for running a business efficiently. These are some common mistakes, entrepreneurs make and yet they wonder why their sales keep tumbling over:

Failure to Budget

A budget helps you to reduce debt and build savings in the event of an emergency. But many business owners still set out, not carefully preparing a realistic budget based on current economic trends. Without a standard budget, it is harder to tackle financial issues. Entrepreneurs tend to spend more than they are earning but with a budget, it gives you a road-map to manage your costs and reach your financial goals.

Poor Cash flow Management

Managing cash flow is the most vital part of running a start-up because it is the lifeline of a business. The major reason some businesses don’t live up to 5 years is not the lack of profit but steady cash flow. Serious businesses don’t joke with their cash flow and any business owner who loses sight of this headed for a financial downturn.

Sensational Economic Headlines

It is foolhardy to completely rely on the business news, headlines and stock markets reports. If you always subject your decision making to what the media says, you could miss out on future possibilities for growth and also rake in losses. While you need to be an informed business owner, do not mistake sensationalism for rational analysis.

Exhausting Resources

If the business is doing well, then it maybe time to consider diversifying. This is an opportunity to build independent not interrelated business outlets thereby spreading the risks and rewards in different directions.

Running a business is about taking risks and without risks there is no business. Of course, some entrepreneurs get super excited about some ideas, believing there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. But some business ideas do not yield the expected return on investment over a realistic period of time. Never spend your entire fortune on a business idea no matter how fantastic it sounds, because for every business that succeeds there are 99, which also fails.

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