Apply for The Nigerian Economic Summit Startups Pitching Events

The Startups Pitching Events at The Nigerian Economic Summit aims to connect new Nigerian ventures seeking to raise funds with potential investors. Eight early-stage Nigerian startups that have been doing business for no more than 3 years, will be invited to pitch in front of venture capitalists and investors.

Each start-up will have 5 minutes to pitch to prospective investors and 10 minutes to answer questions from them. It is expected that the Session will also connect the eight start-ups with venture capitalists and investors. The event will be strictly by invitation and will not be open to all summit participants.

Opportunity to pitch

Many start-up entrepreneurs struggle to get the funds they need to grow their business and in some cases even require mentorship and professional advisory services. Innovators and entrepreneurs from all over Nigeria would have an opportunity to pitch their start-ups and this is a platform for such businesses to collaborate and interact with individuals and organizations interested in promoting entrepreneurship and an opportunity to pitch to experienced investors and obtain great feedback and possibly capital.

Innovative ideas

New ventures with innovative ideas will be the direct beneficiaries of this event, as they will showcase their businesses before investors and have access to investment opportunities. They will also be able to receive guidance and business opinions from them during the event which will also greatly enhance their capacities to grow. In addition, they will get more visible brand effect from this platform.


For the prospective investors, it will be an opportunity to identify and invest in new ventures that are early stage and that align with their own investment strategy.


Applications will be open to businesses:
1. Registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and doing business for no more than three (3) years; and
2. Engaged in any sector of the economy (agribusiness, ICT, services, renewable energy, manufacturing, etc.)

Application Requirements
1. CAC Certificate of Incorporation
2. Summary Business Plan (not more than 3 pages)
3. Pitch Deck

To apply, click here