A Low-Budget Balanced Diet

Rising food prices worldwide is bad news. By making healthy choices and avoiding junk food, you can beat the price hikes – and stay healthy! You can enjoy the food you love and learn to make easy dishes. Switching from sugar to honey or adding spinach to your meals are two quick ways of improving your diet.

Keeping to a balanced diet is key to looking and feeling great – as well as saving money. If you plan to cut out sugar, stick to it. If you plan to eat carrots daily, don’t quit. Avoid those sugary, fatty and pricey take-out foods and get into the habit of eating home cooked meals. Eating clean doesn’t have to cost more, and you will eventually notice the changes in your health and body.

Re-using leftovers is another way to save big on food and cash. Leftover meat, soups, vegetables– can be refrigerated and re-heated. You can make a quick meal by frying up last night’s meat and vegetables, or adding it to a rice or a pasta dish.

Cooking for yourself is looking after your body because you take charge of the ingredients and your budget. Avoid fast-food from grocery stores and restaurants and you will not only save cash, but also reduce your fat, sugar and salt intake. Another option is to buy fresh meats and vegetables from the local markets, rather than using canned foods. Get into the habit of eating clean and you will be pleased with your body and bank balance!

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